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IoT Consulting

Plan your process with the aid of the best IoT software development business, from linked devices and sensors to lifecycle management and connection.


PoC & Prototype Development

At Majormod, to get the most out of your IoT product and align our products with your main functionality. That's a promise!


IoT Mobile & Web Apps

We've designed our dependable and expandable IoT application development services for the web and mobile to streamline your organisation. We deliver items that are ageless using the most up-to-date digital technologies.


IOT Wearable Apps

Profit from the health and fitness trend by using one of the amazing wearable gadget apps. Make getting fit the ultimate objective for your clients. Create experiences that people can share.

Specialised IoT

With the help of specialised IoT development services and solutions, we work in partnership with small and mid-sized organisations to create, manage, and scale their IoT products.


How IoT is changing businesses

Enhance Communication

IoT promotes interaction between gadgets (Machine-to-Machine communication). As a result, the physical devices can maintain connectivity, offering complete transparency, improved quality, and reduced inefficiencies.

Creating Business Opportunities

IoT has the ability to gather network data in real-time and utilise advanced analytics to find business insights and opportunities, which lowers operational expenses.

Automation & Control

Because physical objects are connected and controlled digitally via wireless infrastructure, machines can communicate with one another, resulting in faster and more timely output.


Reduce Costs

83% of businesses that have adopted IoT technology report increased productivity from staff members as well as decreased costs.

Improved Customer Experience & Service

To improve user experiences, cutting-edge IoT technology like mobile card readers and smart trackers are deployed. For the purpose of examining consumer preferences and behaviour, IoT can be used to track, monitor, collect, and analyse data from the internet, social media, and mobile usage.


Our Process of IoT App Development

Project Discussion

The procedure begins with a thorough discussion with the IoT app development team to fully comprehend the IoT product, learn more about user interaction, and choose how to maintain the end user’s interface.

IoT App Development Strategy

There are many difficulties involved in creating a customised Internet of Things application, such as connectivity, data security, privacy, cross-platform compatibility, data gathering and processing, etc. After gathering the necessary data, the app development team develops a solid plan that covers the project’s budget, schedule, and scope for both hardware and software.

App Design and Prototype

IoT app design specifications vary depending on the project. Certain IoT-based applications demand a disproportionate amount of work in terms of app design components. Following the development of the app design, a visual mock-up, or prototype, is created. This stage assesses and confirms whether the suggested IoT app product will fully satisfy the client’s requirements.


App Development

The phase of product development is unquestionably the most crucial in any endeavour. During this phase, thorough engineering will be used to refine key product features and validate functionality while also advancing development and continuous improvement.


The IoT app is also put through a thorough testing procedure by our app development team, which included usability testing, reliability testing, data integrity testing, security testing, and performance testing. While evaluating the functional parameters, security, compatibility, networks, processors, operating systems, platforms, and device standards is part of testing IoT hardware.


The finished product is ready to hit the market and the app store once it has made it through all the testing. This guarantees the sustainability of the product and gathers various user data points to enhance the current system with data analysis & issue patches.

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Dhiraj Sen

CTO at Crypto Kick
We wanted a capable and imaginative team to assist us envision what our outdated website could be for our subscribers and prospects. We discovered so much more with Majormod. AD and his staff kept us on track, suggested alternate options, responded swiftly to adjustments, and involved us in a collaborative process that was crucial.

Radhika Singh

CEO of FarmReady
The team has been really helpful in getting our website/web-app created. The interface is simply amazing and and the features work better than expected. Looking forward to work together for more on this. Thank you!!!
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James Pitar

CEO of Wipple
Because our game concept was unique, we did not want to assign it to a new/small company for fear that they would share it with others..... So, despite the fact that the cost is somewhat high, we hand over the project to Majormod.... Everything was completed quickly, including the discussion and signing of the agreement. The project was also completed ...... They have a high level of trustworthiness and quality on an international scale. As a result, I recommend Majoromd technologies to all of my business associates for mobile and app development.

Josh Hajel

Developer at Git
I work for a pharmaceutical company that hired Majormod to redesign one of our product websites, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Shweta was fantastic throughout the entire process. Her team and she were extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and patient with us. They kept us on track and provided weekly updates and reminders to ensure the project ran smoothly. In the end, we got exactly what we wanted. Majormod’s team went above and beyond my expectations, and I hope to work with them again in the future!