Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Your brand is 'you' as a business. It encompasses your vision and your values, and lays them across your customers. At majormod we imagine your brand, draw it, design and print it; and its not just colors and shapes, its your core values that drives a competitive advantage. Branding creates a seamless experience, so your customers know that your product is part of a brand, part of something bigger; and they will love you for it.

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greater than the sum of its parts by majormod
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More Than You Think

Brands play an integral part in a firm's business strategy. So much that the term 'company' and 'brand' are used synonymously of one another. We develop a company's brand, or rebrand it, including naming, identity and brand messaging platform. The brand thus formed is a promise to your customers, of what they can expect from your products, and what differentiates you from the competition.

From Idea

We intricately develop the symbolism as well as the messaging that represents it. Making sure it works beautifully across all things big and small; from cups to billboards.

To Execution

When the thought is 'done', it comes to form. We get you right into business with what needs to be printed with ink, what in digital; and where, and how.


You can start with a custom plan and consult us for additional features or customizations.

bespoke branding

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Story
Messaging Platform
Logos, Typography & Symbolism
Brand Guidelines
Brand Look & Feel
Internal Communications
Lifestyle & Product Photography
Packaging & Product Design
Print & Stationery
Retail & Branded Spaces

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